Reminder: Concealed Carry Match – Sunday August 7, 2016

There will be a Concealed Carry Match this Sunday at 10:00 AM.

There will be 4 stages:   60 round count, 9mm/.38 Spl. minimum caliber.

There will be 2 classes:  Service – 4″ Barrel, BUG – Less than 4″ Barrel.
Revolver requires 2 speed loaders, Auto loader requires 3 magazines.

Must draw from cover!! Requires long tail shirt or vest covering pistol.

Per Darell Rolen –

Reminder: TSC Picnic – August 13, 2016

The TSC Picnic will be August 13th at 1:00 PM at the lower range shelter and is for current members and their immediate family members.

It will be catered by the Taste of Memphis from Princeton West Virginia.

Since the TSC Picnic is being catered, it cannot be canceled because of rain, the TSC does have a covered shelter at the lower range.


Per Bill Rutherford

Reminder: Multi-Discipline Match – Sunday, July 10, 2016

Multi-Discipline Match
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Registration: $15.00 – 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Start Time : 10:00 AM Sharp

Firearm Requirements: .38 Spl., 9mm, 45 ACP

Classes: Average Joe – Using Only One Gun for all stages

Iconic Gun – Using Gun associated with each stage

There will be 6 stages:

IPSC – 1911a1 style pistol
NRA Action Pistol – Autoloader/Revolver
PPC – Revolver
IDPA – Autoloader/Revolver
Cowboy Action – Single Action Army (Pistols will be provided, must bring at least 24 rds of .38 Spl. Ammo)
ICORE – Revolver

Min. of 2 speed loaders required for revolver

Scoring will be Comstock and Virginia Count

18-24 Rounds per Stage – 118 rounds with no misses

Set up will be Saturday at 3:00 PM

Per Darell Rolen –